When budgets get tight and internal resources scarce, marketing should be ultra-creative!

« Lydie is not only highly-organized, but seems to possess superhuman energy to support a company’s marketing efforts. She is extremely dedicated to finding the right marketing mix to pique the interest of target customer. She is passionate, smart and doesn’t let timelines or limited marketing budget get in her way!« 

Julie A. Renalds
Global B2B business development

Marketing success comes from creativity; not from having the biggest budget. So, while on a limited budget, you can still create a high-impact, quality marketing plan, assuring customer commitment and a good image for your business. You just need a trusted, highly-qualified partner.

We have a wide range of expertise to bring effective marketing to your organization, while optimizing limited budgets. We work with both B2B and B2C companies, in various industries (IT, food & beverage, hospitality, retail, nonprofits, education, wellness, sport, art, fashion, life style…)

Some of our clients :

Here are some situations my clients experienced which may also apply to you:

  • You are a SME manager, and your company already has some activities in France. Fully focused on your core business,  your marketing is not well structured, and you  run out of time for your communication. You feel that your company’s visibility could be improved to attract more customers. You need an outside perspective on your marketing and communication strategy.
  • You are an international entrepreneur launching your business in France, or an international company launching your activities in Europe, and you do not exactly know where to start to gain visibility on the French market.
  • You are a freelancer or an artist, you have a specific need on a marketing-related project (for example, develop a strong and agile digital presence), and you do not have the expertise. You feel lost and do not know where to start from.

In all those cases, we can help you achieve your objectives!

Moreover, in a very competitive market, outsourcing your marketing (or part of it) to a highly experienced and committed partner can be a key asset to your company. It can help you boost your revenues, while decreasing your overall expenses and bringing more flexibility and agility to your company.

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