Our mission: help small and medium-sized businesses, entrepreneurs, freelancers and artists in France to structure their marketing in order to develop their sales.

Who is it for?

Here are some situations which may apply to you :

  • You are a SME manager, and your company already has some activities in France. Fully focused on your core business,  your marketing is not well structured, and you  run out of time for your communication. You feel that your company’s visibility could be improved to attract more customers. You need an outside perspective on your marketing and communication strategy.
  • You are an international entrepreneur launching your business in France, or an international company launching your activities in Europe, and you do not exactly know where to start to gain visibility on the French market.
  • You are a freelancer or an artist, you have a specific need on a marketing-related project (for example, develop a strong and agile digital presence), and you do not have the expertise. You feel lost and do not know where to start from.

In all those cases, we want to be your trusted partner to help you achieve your objectives. We have both B2B and B2C experience, and can address various industries (IT, food & beverage, hospitality, retail, nonprofits, education, wellness, sport, art, fashion, life style…).

We help you:

  • Gain more visibility to reach more qualified clients
  • Make yourself better known by promoting your expertise
  • Stand out from the competition
  • Develop a unique image, gain brand awareness and credibility
  • Develop your clientele and revenues

Out method:

From strategy to operations : a well thought-out and pragmatic marketing strategy, a rigorous and detail-oriented implementation, a focus on results, a constant adaptation to market changes.

Our core values:

Integrity, professionalism, commitment, curiosity, attentive listening , creativity, clarity, adaptability, long-term support.

Highlights of our services include:

  • Market research and Competitive analysis,
  • Formulation of your Unique Value Proposition and market positioning (what makes you unique on the market),
  • « Go to market » approach (to address various audience, industries, etc.),
  • Corporate identity and Brand guidelines (colors, typography, email signature, letterhead, business cards…),
  • Digital presence: creation of a website, SEO optimized (to be visible on Google search) , multilingual if needed, and lead-generation oriented,
  • Connection to a emailing/CRM service, in the like of Mailchimp,
  • Set up of communication tools (a blog, a newsletter, and social medias: Facebook page, Instagram business account, Youtube channel, company twitter account, LinkedIn company profile… whatever is relevant to your market)
  • Sales Kit (brochures, sales deck, cases studies, white papers, Vito letters, etc.)
  • Content creation (useful, relevant, informative content to catch the interest of your audience)
  • Demand creation (newsletters, lead generation campaigns, advertisement, events, trade-shows, conferences…)
  • Client database management, with CRM roll-out & optimization
  • Press Relation
  • Customer Care programs
  • Distributors & business partners search and selection
  • Partner sales & marketing: management of the network of sales partners in order to ensure growing revenues

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To find out more, please get in touch with us. We will be delighted to discuss with you, and see how we could help you tell the world how great you are!

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