When budgets get tight and internal resources scarce, marketing should be ultra-creative!

LF MarCom knows one thing for sure: marketing success comes from creativity; not from having the biggest budget. So, while on a limited budget, you can still create a high-impact, quality marketing plan, assuring customer commitment and a good image for your business.

LF MarCom has a wide range of expertise to bring effective marketing to your organization, and knows how to optimize limited budgets. Moreover, in a very competitive market, outsourcing your marketing (or part of it) to a highly experienced and committed partner can be a key asset to your company. It can help you boost your revenues, while decreasing your overall expenses and bringing more flexibility and agility to your company.

Here are some situations which may apply to you :

  • You are a SME manager, and your company already has some activities in France. Fully focused on your core business,  you run out of time for your communication.
  • You are an international entrepreneur starting your business in France, or an international company launching your activities in Europe, and you do not exactly know where to start to gain visibility on the French market.
  • You need someone with good understanding of your industry to localize your communication and marketing for the French market.
  • You have a specific need on a marketing-related project, and do not have the expertise internally.
  • You need an outside perspective on your communication strategy.

In all those cases, we can help you achieve your objectives!

Integrated Marketing Communications agency

LF MarCom provides consultancy services to entrepreneurs and SMBs’ managers, to help them set up and rapidly grow their business in France (and beyond), thanks to well-thought-out marketing strategies, and consistent and creative execution. We have both B2B and B2C experience, and can address various industries (IT – with an expertise in Cloud Computing, construction, energy, industry, nonprofits, education, art, fashion, life style…). Let us help you tell the world how great you are!

Highlights of our services include:

  • Market research and Competitive analysis
  • Mission statement, Unique Value Proposition and market positioning (what makes you unique on the market),
  • “Go to market” approach (to address various target regions, industries, audience)
  • Corporate identity and Brand guidelines (colors, typography, email signature, letterhead, business cards…)
  • Sales Kit (brochures, sales deck, cases studies, white papers, Vito letters, etc.)
  • Multilingual website (with SEO- Google optimization – and traffic analysis)
  • Social Media strategy (blog, newsletter, Facebook page, Youtube channel, company twitter account, pinterest, LinkedIn company profile…)
  • Content creation (useful, informative content to catch the interest of your audience)
  • Demand creation (lead generation campaigns, advertisement, events, tradeshows, conferences…)
  • Customer Care programs
  • Client database management, with CRM roll-out & optimization
  • Press Relation
  • Distributors & business partners search and selection
  • Partner sales & marketing: management of the network of sales partners in order to ensure growing revenues

See some of our clients…

To find out more, please get in touch with us. We will be delighted to discuss with you, and see how we could help you tell the world how great you are!